Monday, July 28, 2008

Pohaku Ukuleles

I've added a link to Pohau Ukuleles. If, by some accident of fate, you have ended up here, click on the link and go have some fun. This blog has become unbearably dull, while Peter's Hurney's ukes and his other work are as fun as anything. I bought a soprano ukulele from Peter last week. It is such a fine instrument that I feel compelled to improve my playing. The sound it makes is unbelievable. Among other things it is so clear and beautiful that the slightest mistake rings out loud and clear. On the other hand, when I get something right, no matter how simple, it sounds fabulous.

I have to say that the hour or two I spent touring Peter's shop and playing his instruments was almost $500 worth of fun by itself. It is extremely cool that he threw in a souvenir for free.

I enjoyed reading this interview with Peter.
Dont Think Im Santa Claus - Lil McClintock
I found "Don't Think I'm Santa Claus" on the compilation "Good For What Ails You" from Old Hat Records. Thanks to the lovely and mysterious Madame Pamita for bringing Old Hat to my attention.

There must be something going on with sunspots because it looks like I'll be able to post this successfully .


Madame Pamita said...

"good for what ails you" changed my life! that is an absolute truth and no exaggeration! there wouldn't be a madame pamita, if it weren't for that CD!

Jon said...

Click on Madame Pamita's name for a link to her blog.

ib said...

Very nice to hear the Lil McClintock. Great Ukulele photography on the links. By the sounds (and supporting imagery) of it it would appear to be $500 well spent.

Have faith in those sunspots.

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