Friday, July 4, 2008

God bless America and her ukuleles!

Washboard Bill and his ukulele.

The lovely Madame Pamita hints at the whereabouts of her pink pocketbook. I'm in l-u-v.
You must go to her website. Hire her to play a party. Invite me. I'll be there.
Pink Pocketbook - Madame Pamita


ib said...

I'm impressed. I'd be a fool if I didn't agree Madame Pamita does it for me too... I'm off to visit her website.

Jon said...

Well, she's having a public birthday party tomorrow in Los Angeles. If you can make it there from Glasgow, I could find a way to make it from Northern California. I'd have to cover 500 miles, your trip would be, what? 5,000 miles? You might just win her heart through sheer effort. Who knows what it takes to win a woman's heart, especially a woman of mystery? She is also in a Cheap Trick cover band, a punk band and a string band that makes up jingles for imaginary products. My heart be still!

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