Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nothing but trouble

This is why I try and go to the high desert every year. It's full of weird lost Americana. I grew up on all of those post apocalyptic science fiction novels and half expected to end up living in a world that looked like the photographs of Troy Paiva. That might still happen. You can buy Paiva's new book here. Mmmm, bleekalicious.

Man I wish I was running a classy blog like SiblingShot or even Dope City Free Press because I've been getting visits from all kinds of classy bloggers and their readers. I've recently heard from Dear Kitty, Frankie, Nezua and Brownfemipower.

Meanwhile, back in Shitsville, it's just about too much trouble to fight the machines. In order to post this, I have to switch back and forth between two different browsers, keeping several windows open in each. Some things only work in Safari, some only work in Firefox. Firefox still hasn't found my bookmarks. In fact, the whole bookmark function doesn't work. There's things that refuse to function on Blogger when I open it in Safari, but Firefox continues to crash and freeze the computer several times a day.

If you would all just send me your home addresses I could do the whole thing on cuneiform tablets and carry them to you on camels. It would be a lot less trouble.

And then there was my laughable ambition to have a music blog. Continuing the theme of songs with titles that sound like me babbling:

Oh well. It was too much to hope. Blogger refuses to post a link to iMeem if I open it in Safari. I refuse to copy all of this and drag it over to yet another window in Firefox.

I think they've got me beat. Fuck 'em. They can't keep me down. I can edit this in Firefox and then post the imeem link. I'm pretty sure I'm going over to an all cuneiform edition soon. I mean, how in the hell am I going to find time to work 13 hours a day and then find time to actually write? I haven't posted anything of substance in a long time. I just fight the machines so I can post commentary on my battle with the machines.
Te Ni Nee Ni Nu - Southern Culture on the Skids


ib said...

The Troy Paiva desert shot you used is beautiful. The car shots are just as drool inducing in their own right. I have a fetish for tailfins.

Well, you are doing remarkably well considering you are working between two browsers - what a fucking drag. When I first started using Blogger I was on Opera. I got seduced by its bloated specs. I couldn't do a damn thing on it, I just couldn't figure it out. Then it dawned on me Opera was designed from the ground up to support Blogger - hardly any of the layout functions would take. So I moved back to Firefox.

Thanks, again, for the shout-out. i'm not sure "classy" is genuinely applicable, but I appreciate the sentiment.

You will figure out how to eliminate those troubles you have posting or die trying. I'm pretty sure of it.

Jon said...

It dawns on me that the only reason I am home and posting is because my blood sugar has been high, That makes me sluggish and a bit dumb. Give me a day or two and maybe I'll get this all sorted out.

ib said...

Sluggish maybe, but never dumb.

That adjective just doesn't apply.

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