Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I've been having fun with Brownfemipower down in the comments section. She's fun and it's great to hear from her, she also has a great blog. I found this video there.

Let me make something sort of clear here: This isn't exactly a political blog. It's mostly personal. It gives me a chance to share some good music and hang out with cool people.

That said, let me make something crystal clear: Fuck the border. Fuck ICE. Fuck NAFTA. Fuck the capitalists. If you are a worker and a US citizen and you think you have something to gain from pre dawn raids, tearing families apart and treating human beings like animals you are being played.

This is the latest installment in a game that has been played on us since this country was founded. It is about pitting one section of the working class against another so that our enemies can get stronger. There's nothing else. The border and the laws concerning the border are fictions. Money moves back and forth across the border, but people don't have any rights if they find themselves on the wrong side of it. If rights exist for some of us, but not for others they are not rights, they are privileges. If you consider privileges legitimate then don't cry when they are taken away from you. As long as the system of privileges is tolerated, you can be sure that sooner or later, you'll be losing some of yours.

Now, back to idle dithering about the weather and ogling pretty women:
Nancy Sinatra - The Bottle Rockets
The Bottle Rockets are some soulful white boys who can rock (when it suits them) like ZZ Top. They are white boys and hicks through and through, but there ain't nothing mean or chickenshit about them. If, by any chance, you are among those who think being white, working class and a hick is about being an asshole fuck youse as they say in New York, fuck ye'uns as they say in Indiana and fuck alla y'all as they say everyplace else.

Just needed to do a little ranting in the style of my boy, Ib.

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