Monday, July 7, 2008

Lotsa love

BFP from La Chola says she digs the cholas on my last post so, here is a pic of the most bad ass chola girl on the whole internet. That's for BFP. For her, Ib and for Ib's talented son, and for Hagar's Daughters and anyone else who needs him, here's Solomon Burke. Love is a mainly splendid thing.
Cry To Me - Solomon Burke
Back to my arrested adolescent white boy fascination with garage music soon.


Hagar's Daughter said...

Thanks. Thanks for the advice, for the song, and for allowing me to cry to you.

bfp said...

I'm digging it. Just what I needed tonight.

ib said...

Nice Solomon. Thanks, Jon. Nice pic of BFP, too.

Hello Hagar's daughter.

Jon said...

I've never seen BFP, but I don't think that's her. BFP complains about her hair. The girl in the picture is obviously an ascended hair master.

ib said...

Definitely a backcomber of some experience.

I keep on forgetting to check that "email follow-up comments box"!

bfp said...

hey hey hey. i know ya'll ain't dissing on a girls hair, right? just cuz I complain about it doesn't mean i don't know how to get that shit in order.


Jon said...

Ahh hell, now I feel like my sister caught me saying something mean about her to one of my friends. BFP, I just remember you talking about a hairstylist treating you bad and getting frustrated about your hair. Don't forget, boys and yes even middle aged men will see a woman who has put herself together so she looks casual but dead cool and we are so naive that we imagine it was effortless. Meanwhile we watch our wives, sisters, mothers and girlfriends crying over the details and think they're the exception. Not to deny the power of the patriarchy, but, because we are so shielded by the assumptions society allows us to make, it is a difficult and confusing thing being a man. There's a bunch of shit that we just don't have to think through. When we try to, it makes our heads hurt.

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