Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I tried to post something and blogger decided that the code that I wrote shouldn't be allowed into the text of the post. Really, I keep hitting bizarre tech snags every time I try to post something. Coincidence? NO. I have clearly been detected as an enemy of The Conspiracy. Yesterday, every time I tried to post something I was told that I needed to download a new application of some sort. When I tried downloading the application I was told that I would have to shut down my browser. When I tried to save what I had written, I was assured that it had been saved, but when my browser restarted everything was lost. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. This is more than a little bit annoying. It's been almost impossible to post anything of substance here for almost a week. Welcome to the exciting world of 1999, text only, blogging. Please, no images, no links, no video or audio files. Is it time to try wordpress? 


dearkitty said...

Hi Jon, I too sometimes have computer problems: my bookmarks disappeared mysteriously when I installed Firefox 3.0 (fortunately I use bookmarks less than you do). However, with the Firefox 3.01 update, all the bookmarks mysteriously came back ... so, sometimes, there is still hope.

Generally, there are less problems with Firefox than with Microsoft Explorer.

Jon said...

KItty! wow, nice to hear from you here. I'm experimenting. I'm not sure where all of these problems got their start. I don't believe in The Conspiracy, although there might as well be one.

Blankfrank06 said...

Hey Jon,

I'd love to take you up on your offer about the computer. You can reach me at fbern06@gmail.com
I'm posting from the library and a job support place. Thanks

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