Monday, July 21, 2008

Apologies to BFP

Not very important in the greater scheme of things, but I tried to post a comment at La Chola. Later I noticed that she had asked that comments only come from women of color. Sorry friend. 


bfp said...

aw, you're cool baby!
I just haven't published the comments on that thread that weren't from woc--no biggie. it was sweet to read non-woc comments anyway. private instant messages, if you will.

Jon said...

I like gender exclusive spaces sometimes. There are things that I do that are all about other men. Also, there are times when I appreciate being reminded to be quiet and listen to women and people of color. I did, however get the feeling that you were bumping up against the issue of class. I understand that one pretty well.

Katie said...

Ah! I had not known that, either. Thanks for posting the information--although I read her blog regularly, I'd missed that, too.

(Though I do still have just 1 last question to ask her ...) ;-)

Anyway, thanks again for referencing that policy!

Katie said...

Oh, on second thought, now I read the comments here and see that it was just that one thread.

I remember that one.

Okay, well, anyway...*putters back to your main page to read more of your blog*

Jon said...

Katie, you're from Minnesota! You must be cool! I've never heard anything bad about Minnesota. Except for the weather and black flies. That's the sort of thing that keeps the riff raff out. Thanks for saying Hi.

Katie said...

No black flies in my part of it...definitely bad weather, though. It's been only for the love of these cities that I've stayed this far north. Thanks for the welcome.

I'm sad about the "riff raff," though. Our stupid elected & appointed officials keep trying to come up w/ slogans and such to draw upper-middle-class people from other parts of the country here.

Let 'em stay in St. Louis, I say! We're getting bad enough, what w/ publicly funded stadiums & such...don't make it worse.

Make only the crazies who stay in a place for nothing but love make up the electoral base.

Jon said...

A few years ago I was living in a tiny town called Camp Meeker. It was rapidly being yuppified. Our neighbor on one side was the salvage yard for a towing company. On the other side were two brothers who sold meth. We figured that would keep the yuppies at bay for a few years. That's what I meant by keeping out the riff raff. N. California is still an OK place to live, but it's become a sort of retirement community for elderly hipsters. I suppose I am one of them, but I don't want it to get too homogenous that way. I lived in the Midwest, mostly Indiana, off and on for ten years. I still miss it sometimes.

Katie said...

I figured you had as flexible a definition of "riff raff" as I do.

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