Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hell, I don't even trust me

I am so fucking cool

So, here I've been musing on whiteitude and maleitude and stuff. I've been threatening to come through with the definitive statement when I dredge it up from the deepest recesses of my subconscious. I dunno, maybe my subconscious goes a little deeper than I know.

I came across this report of a creepy little guy who thought he was going to save the world, but maybe he blew his big chance. You know, it is usually a mistake to pretend that your inner demons don't exist. You could say that's the point of this. (Don't miss clicking on the link. It's great writing.)

The other point of this is that you probably shouldn't trust white guys who go on for too fucking long about how anti-racist and pro-feminist they are, especially if they get all sensitive about it.

Alright then, I might have something to say, but if it sounds too serious, denies the fact that I like to check girls out or pretends that I don't live surrounded by a reassuring sea of white folks, it is safe to ignore me.

Here's what I like to think I'm like. I'm a great guy.
Love Like a Truck - The Bottle Rockets

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