Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Homework assignment

It's lonesome over at SiblINGSHOT. Your first assignment is to give Ib a big howdy! He toils tirelessly to bring us beautiful music. This ain't the music free store ponk. We get paid in l-u-v. You got to bring some to get some.

While I'm ordering you around, I should point out that you are supposed to pay the artisses in actual or virtual green folding money. I am lazy. I do not bother to put up "buy it here" links very often, but you should consider them implicit in every post. The idea here is that real music lovers just can't get enough of that stuff. I am always on the lookout for the hint of something new or the sweet reminder of happy times gone by. I leave little breadcrumbs to mark the trail of my musical wanderment. Follow the trail back to the musicians, ya jagoff.

Do I have your attention? Good. Your overnight assignment is to compare and contrast these three versions of What Goes On:

1.) The original as performed by the Velvet Underground

2.) The Dictators version as performed on New York New York

3.) The bluegrass version as performed by The Meat Purveyors

The Meat Purveyors came all the way from Texas a couple of years ago. It was one of the all time great shows of my life. They played the Forestville club in Forestville, California. Forestville is not big enough to rate a stop light. The club is the only bar in town and the AA group across the street draws a bigger and better crowd on Saturday nights. The opening act was the now (apparently) defunct Pickin' Trix followed by the Meat Purveyors. The closing act was Forestville's own Stiff Dead Cat who absolutely tore the place up.

I hate going to shows. I hate bars. I'm miserably uncomfortable in crowds. Why do you think I spend so much time here in virtuality? Nonetheless, I have been richly rewarded a time or two when I manage to find the door of the trailer and go see live music.

Speaking of which, does anybody wanna go see Joan Jett tomorrow at the Marin County Fair? I hate county fairs even more than I hate rock concerts, but that's my bad brain chemistry. We're talking about JOAN here.
What Goes On - The Velvet Underground
What Goes On - Dictators
What Goes On - The Meat Purveyors

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ib said...

Interesting. Pretty hard to improve on the Velvets' version, but the Dictators bring some unexpected Norwegian Wood references on Scott Kempner's guitar. Live is always best with this band, I feel. The big surprise here is the Meat Purveyors ; I half expected them to sound somewhere in the area frequented by Meat Puppets (lazy, I know) but this is highly entertaining. If it hasn't already been picked up by a Sundance film, expect it to be sometime soon. Cinema in the making.

By the way, Jon, thanks for trying to drum up some comments on SibLINGSHOT. I appreciate the gesture, but at the end of the day what happens will happen... or not! Considering how many posts I knock out, there's probably a fair return on comments as it is. My ire was directed only at those who download gratuitously, simply because the links are there.

Good luck deciding on whether to check out the Marin County Fair. I hate crowds too.

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