Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad day with firefox

My Waverly Street ukulele kept me company instead.

Every time I opened Firefox my computer crashed. Made it hard to post here and all. So I watched movies and played the ukulele.

I finally figured out that I needed to uninstall Firefox and reinstall the latest version. Worked like a charm. While I was fiddling with the computer, I discovered that I can take pics. Same as most of my friends in their 50's, my neck has started to look funny.
Mirror In The Bathroom - The English Beat


mwhybark said...

That Eglish Beat album is ALWAYS on my next play list. Dig the glasses, hombre.

Jon said...

I'll admit that I am not as photo happy as yourself, possibly because I do not as nice a fez, but I have sent you at least two pictures of myself.
You're going to have to explain the fez thing someday.

ib said...

Hey, Jon, glad you sorted out the Firefox thing. Be wary of Imeem though, it seems to cause Firefox to get awful choked up when I visit.

Nice pic! Good to see you - and your Waverly Street ukulele again - "in the flesh".

Mirror In The Bathroom is probably my favourite song of the Beat. Coming from the UK I can afford to drop the "English" adjunct.

Are you back working, or are you still on vacation ?

Jon said...

Hi Ib, I'm still checking out imeem. I haven't found a simpler way to upload music, and it seems as though I don't have to worry about legal hassles. That's the good news. The bad news is that it is bug ridden and slow to load and, as you say, possibly harmful to my browser. I thought that I had installed Firefox 3, but it seems something went wrong with the earlier download. The correct installation of Firefox 3 seems to have solved MY problems with imeem. I'd be interested to hear about your problems, along with anybody else. The English Beat were my favorite of the '80's ska bands, but I just heard a fantastic ukulele version of "You're Wondering Now" that reminded me of how much I liked The Specials. Link to it on youtube is:
or, I will probably post it here soon.
My vacation is drawing to an end. My alarm clock is already set to ring at 3:40 Monday morning, at which time I will turn into a pumpkin- or some other form of squash.

Jon said...

PS, yes that is a picture of me. I mostly wanted a picture to post at Musical Family Tree, where there are people who knew me and my ugly mug back in the day. Inasmuch as they had already seen me, I figured they might be curious as to what the "after" shot looked like. Also, at the encouragement of a couple of lady friends, I was trying to create a profile at an internet dating site. I'm hoping to meet a girl who wants to date a scowling man with a head that is smaller than a ukulele.

ib said...

Hell, that's an early start!

RE Imeem: I'm no expert by any means. DivShare (that I use) has had a few problems of late for me, but I'm really suspicious of Imeem and the pop-up windows it throws up as a matter of course. I wouldn't go so far as saying I suspect the software harbours Trojan Spyware, but it has crossed my mind. I use a Mac so I'm pretty much imumne to those issues, but my browser - Firefox 3, also - gets very sluggish at times if I try to engage a file on your site, or, stranger, am just loading the posts.
Then again, you post a lot of YouTube stuff which is slow to load anyway.

On the plus side, it saves you any concerns regards legalities as you point out. DivShare is free in terms of storage and linking to downloads, as is MediaFire and some others. Don't know if you're aware of this.

I like the Specials, too. I still have their first LP on vinyl. Some of that early 2-Tone stuff was hard to "beat" - pun intended, as per usual!

The internet dating angle sounds interesting. If Madame Pamita is anything to go by, there are definitely great looking dames out there with a hankering for ukulele tripping dudes. Go for it.

Enjoy what's left of your vacation, Jon. Cheers!

Jon said...

You tube slows things down, but I think that the Executed Today widget and the Feed Tracker widget are at least as culpable as imeem. Imeem is also free. It is possible to load up Blogger with all sorts of gadgets and when you do it is, to quote our friend Mr. Hockey, slow as death at Guantanamo.

I like those two widgets, so I'm keeping them. You've been to Frankie Con's site and you know how he loaded it up with widgets. It takes forever to load for me. My friend, Hagar's Daughters is also widget happy and her blog is slow too.

Am I in denial about imeem? The good news is that I work pretty near their offices. I'll have to go bother them on my break sometime. Really, it's kind of cool, or at least interesting. There's a bunch of famous software companies around there.

The only one that springs to mind is Wordpress, but I see tons of names I recognize. When dot com frenzy was at it's worst in SF that was the hot neighborhood. It's still the software district.

Loads of hip young geek boys walking together in herds and talking tech. Interesting dynamic to the herds. Plenty of the geekboys are Asian, but they are always orbiting a tall white guy who seems to be dominating the conversation. They all seem to dress like the dominant white boy too, although they all seem to dress alike: sort of expensive casual. A brand name t shirt that looks exactly like a bargain store t shirt except for some small marking that lets you know it cost a hundred dollars. A North Face windbreaker that looks a lot like a flea market windbreaker, but costs three hundred dollars. A pair of designer jeans that look like levis, but cost two hundred dollars and limited edition two hundred dollar nikes, that look like nikes from the remainder bin at the sporting goods discount warehouse.

Nothing wrong with any of that, I suppose, but for that kind of money they could buy a pretty nice suit.

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