Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slightly changed

Because I linked to the article about the creepy "male feminist" predator, Kyle Whatisname, I got a lot of hits from a pretty good feminist blog called Fetch Me My Axe. I know this because I could check the little feed widget down on the right hand side of the page. The thing is, I mostly know that the same little group of dudes comes here.

After reading about creepy "feminist" dudes, the widget was making me feel vaguely weird and stalkerish. Yes that's right stalkerish. (I'm arguing with spellcheck.) So, anyhow, I got rid of it. I kept the little map because it is cute.
Ill Feel A Whole Lot Better - Dinosaur Jr.
The previously mentioned failed music uploads might have been my fault. You wanna know how I feel about hippies and organic food? Read this guest post at La Chola. Let's drop the "responsible consumer" bullshit and start practising some solidarity for a change.

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