Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Extra points

That Mike Whybark. What a pistol! Not only does he live online, he even seems to have a life, a wife, some cats, a house. He sent me a file of live performances by The Vulgar Boatmen. The VB's are a project involving Dale Lawrence, original Indiana punk, I mean the godfather of Indiana indies.

Speaking of Indiana music, There's a badge from Musical Family Tree over on the right. MFT is a community of people interested in music from Indiana. It's a great place to visit and it includes discussions that go far beyond music. Check out the discussion on The Tribe Of Ben Ishmael.

Meanwhile, back at The Vulgar Boatmen. Here's their take on What Goes On. If I keep finding new versions this will become like the legendary Louie Louie mixtape. Hoosier Hysteria anyone?
What Goes On - The Vulgar Boatmen

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mwhybark said...

Glad it came thru. There's a fragmentary "Foggy Notion" as the closer on the 2001 Schuba's show I host here.

Apparently at some point in the late '90s the VB played in VU drag for a Halloween show, and given Dale's mania for covers, they really went all-out, as the sounds on these songs attest. What I woulda given.

Oh, and just one cat, since about a month ago. Still mad.

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