Saturday, August 9, 2008

Don't worry about it

Dear Ib and Beer, you guys check here faithfully to see if I have anything to say. Don't worry about it. I'll let you know if I have time to revive my blog. Yesterday I spent three hours in an endless convoy of Armadas, Escalades and Titans. I mean it, one gigantic personal vehicle after another. Each one with an angry looking white man at the wheel and no one else on board. In three hours we were able to drive 65 miles. Lucky they had those powerful engines. Even luckier they had those gigantic gas tanks. I'm no automotive puritan. I don't subscribe to the religion of consumer holiness. There's a lot of consumer self righteousness around here, and I have no more use for it than I have for other kinds of self righteousness, but it does seem a little bit silly to spend $50,000.00 for a 7,000 pound truck with a 350 horsepower engine, just so you can drive 15 or 20 miles an hour. If I wasn't being paid, and some hefty overtime money at that, there is no fucking way you would have gotten me out on that freeway, but there they were, hundreds of thousands of them all claiming their little piece of 3 northbound lanes.

 I am tired. 


colin c said...

Hi Jon,

Tis Colin Carter here. Always wondered where you ended up. I was looking for sven, and found this blog.

Hope I'm not violating protocols of blogging.

Jon said...

Hey Collin, You found the blog through Musical Family Tree? Wonderful folks. Sven was in SF a couple of years ago. He is married to a Chinese woman. They have a young son. He divides his time between Osaka, where he is a professor of English, and Shanghai, where his wife's family lives. I've sent Sven a letter and hopefully will be able to post a website URL for him here. If you would care to risk posting an address here, I can pass it on to Sven.

Jon said...

Colin, Sven would like to hear from you. Contact him through his blog at:

He gave me an email address but I hesitate to post it here.

Apparently he has just moved, permanently, to Shanghai after 19 years in Osaka.

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