Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tin Soldier Two Ways

And, for your listening pleasure, a somewhat less mangled audio recording of the same performance. Great stuff.
Tin Soldier - The Small Faces
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ib said...

I love the Small Faces.

That line from "Tin Soldier" ? : "...who wants to jump into your fire."

Ironic when you consider that Steve Marriott burned to death in his own bed after falling asleep drunk with a lit cigarette. I've done it myself. Apparently, the fire crew who responded to the alarm call had the usual trouble identifying the body, until one of them - a Faces fan - picked up a framed photograph from the mantlepiece and realised whose house they were in.

Very sad shit.

ib said...

By the way, Jon, I hope you don't mind that I picked up on the "Feedjit" widget. I put it up on my site too, after seeing it here first. It seemed to me like a good idea to be transparent about whose coming from where, and going to...

I'd been monitoring traffic activity on an invisible program that somebody else recommended to me previously, but it felt kinda sneaky!

Jon said...

I got the feedjit widget from my friend at Hagar's Daughter. She's a very nice church lady who encouraged me to blog when I wasn't sure I wanted to bother.

Yeah, I love the Small Faces too. They were never that popular here so I never understood why people made such a big deal out of Steve Marriott. His reputation here rested entirely on Humble Pie. They were a good band, but, to my mind, not a great one. It's only in the past few years that I've become familiar with his Small Faces stuff. Now I get it! I even like the later stuff better in light of his earlier work. He was a great musician.

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