Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let's knife!

The papers are full of stabbings today. When I got home from work this afternoon I turned on the computer and let it pick songs at random. The first song up was 'Flying Jelly Attack' by Shonen Knife. If I was William S. Burroughs I would say that was no coincidence. Then again, If I was William S. Burroughs, I'd be dead. I met Burroughs once. He's on my list of famous beatniks I have met.

Anyhow, I have many, many regrets in life. Sorry, that 'no regrets' thing won't cover it. One of them is that I didn't go see Shonen Knife in SF with my friend Michael Gold. That was- What?- last year? It was "too far to drive". I was "too tired". Plus I've never done well with crowds. I shared that quality with Michael. We were both nuts. Michael is comparing notes with Burroughs in eternity. He won't be back. Maybe Shonen Knife won't be back either. Shit.
Flying Jelly Attack - Shonen Knife


Blankfrank06 said...

What a great song. Thanks. If they come around again, let me know and I'll go too.

Jon said...

I'll keep you in mind. I think they're one of those old punk bands that's more popular now than they were back when they started. They seem to tour sort of regularly.

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