Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blake week continues!

"Where did you get that suit? Cleveland?"

The theme for the week at SibLINGSHOT and DOPE CITY FREE PRESS seems to be William Blake. Blake is the theme for the week every week around my house. Let's have some Blake, shall we?

Auguries Of Innocence - Jah Wobble


mwhybark said...

In the vain hope of prompting an expedition, may I note that "dead man" was shot at the tip of Washington state? I do love that film.

ib said...

Ha! Ha! I still haven't seen "Dead Man", but I've listened to Neil Young's soundtrack.

Great choice with the Jah Wobble, Jon. The story goes that when he was working for a spell for London Transport, he entertained (or infuriated) passengers by playing bass over the tanoy.

Why is it that so much good music came out of Cleveland ? Rubber City too.

Jon said...

I know that Cleveland is associated with the birth of Rock and Roll because Allen Freed's moondog matinee show came from there. I don't know that Cleveland has more good bands than other cities. Name some. I can think of several good bands from there, but Cleveland is a pretty big city and Ohio is a pretty populous state. Go ahead, embarrass me with a long list of brilliant bands from Cleveland. I know that Detroit had a lot of good bands because there wasn't anything else there but music. I mean there just aren't a lot of distractions. Lots of competing cultures will produce a good scene. South Texas is home to Black, Mexican, "regular" white people, Cajuns, French speaking Creole and lately Vietnamese musicians. That seems to produce a lot of synergy and a lot of energy. You have to make a lot of noise to be heard in that kind of environment.

Jon said...

Mike, by the tip of Washington, do you mean the Olympic Peninsula? I had a disastrous trip there with the famous Meredith about 10 years ago. I'd love to go back with better companions. In the fall, when I pick my vacation times, we should discuss a mutually agreeable time for me to come up there.

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