Saturday, June 14, 2008

Future now

I went to Spider Murphy's today, ostensibly to finish up my sleeve, which is an interpretation of the words, "We have been rocketed into a fourth dimension". In fact, Theo was tired and, after adding some very nice color, he said that he didn't want to finish the sleeve, because he didn't want to just end it in a lame way. He felt that there was a space left on my arm that needed something and he wasn't sure what. Considering that I'll spend the rest of my life with the final results, I guess I can wait.

So there we were, with some time on our hands and a lot of tattoo stuff, so Theo asked, "Is there anything else you want me to do?"

It so happens we have often discussed our mutual love of The MC5. I was a teenage member of the White Panther Party, and I've been a fan of The MC5 since I was 15. At one point, Theo had suggested that we should get matching White Panther tattoos. He was wearing his favorite MC5 t-shirt, so what the hell, I said, "Why don't you do that White Panther for me?"

He made a stencil of the White Panther shown above, slapped it on my shoulder and gave me a nice little White Panther, free of charge. I am either a fool, nuts, having a wonderful time or some combinations of the above. Anyhow, I keep rolling up my sleeve to look at it and laugh.

Future Now- MC5


ib said...
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ib said...

Liking that MC5/White Panther tattoo, Jon, most definitely.

Thanks for "Future Now" too. It's good to have a bond of trust between yourself and the inker ; be sure to let me know what Theo comes up with finally, if it's not too personal. Neat jacket emblem too.

Sorry about that deletion there - bad spelling, it's a longstanding personal failing. Just a well I never took other people's advice and took up tattoo art as a business venture ! I knew a guy in Holland who got back from the local parlor on a Saturday afternoon only to discover the idiot who'd just done his upper arm had fucked up the spelling - like MC5 without the 'C'.

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