Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ethereally lovely

From back in the days when I used to do things. The Dancing Cigarettes were friends of mine. The weren't punks, but they hung out with the punks. They weren't a dance band, they were arty as shit, but when they played, everybody danced. They were great lyricists:

Two living things growing side by side
One casts a shadow, the other dies

Pop Doormat - The Dancing Cigarettes


ib said...

Cool, Jon. Nice basslines! When was this from ? Early 80s ? Good name for a group too.

I don't know if the play counter on your page is working correctly. It didn't go up after I'd listened to it.

Jon said...

This was recorded live in the early '80's in Indiana. The rhythm section was John Terrill on drums and Emily Bonus on bass. John was a very experienced drummer while Emily was taught to play by her boyfriend, the singer. The two of them drove each other to lay down this very danceable beat which in turn propelled the whole band.

Damn that free technology!

ib said...

Yeah, I know - shouldn't complain; just thought you'd like to know, in case you were looking at the player stuck on 0 counts wondering why nobody has checked it out...

John Terrill & Emily Bonus, huh ? Why is it that women tend to make excellent bass players ? If that's not too much of a sweeping statement, or sexist, or whatever.

By the way, have you heard of a dude called Ron Silliman ? I don't know how much of a literary bigwig he is - in fact I have never heard of him so far as I recollect - but I linked to his blog. Mainly because I liked the shots of Norma Jean featured on his most recent post, if that doesn't sound lame.

Heavy name-checking of Camus ; Creeley, etc. Bukowski would be sneering in his grave, I feel.

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