Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh Canada!

The Gazetteer, a grand fellow, brings us this good news from his home in Canuckistan. I've often felt that if the entire population of the United States were placed on powerful anti-psychotic medication, life here might begin to seem a bit more, well, Canadian. Sorry Mr. Hockey, we've already tried beer and it doesn't seem to work on us. Seriously, God bless the good people of Canada for this one.


Gazetteer said...

Aaaaaah, thanks Jon.

But the folks to really thank are a couple of newly transplanted Yankees (well, Red Sox fans actually) who helped make this happen.

I linked up to them in the post in question.


Hey - have you seen any of the Bushman Luau footage?

Some nice stuff there.



Jon said...

Looks like you'll have to post a link to the Bushman luau. I was just acknowledging you as the bearer of the good news.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Keep trying...

Jon said...

Beer, I had to give it up because I tended to get shit and my brains confused, not to mention a problem with my ass and a hole in the ground, but we, as a nation, soldier on experimenting with any thing from stain remover to tiger penises in hopes that if inhaled, drunk, snorted, injected or shoved up our collective butt we will be restored to sanity.

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