Sunday, June 29, 2008

John McCain understands war

I've been hearing people say that they intend to vote for McCain because he "understands war". What he understood was flying off of a carrier, making a bombing run and landing in time for beer. He was the son and grandson of Admirals in the US Navy and he was looking forward to a military career. He may or may not have conducted himself honorably as a prisoner, but that doesn't make him an expert on war. His experience of war was impersonal. He fought for his career. He can kiss my ass.

Here's a different view of a war that McCain didn't know about and didn't care about. In addition to 58,000 Americans killed in Vietnam, 4,000,000 Vietnamese died. That's four MILLION.

The First Vietnamese War - The Black Angels


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

A little political philosophy anybody? Who would look most comfortable playing a ukelele? Neither of them, eh?

Jon said...

Actually, Obama did live in Hawaii for a while. Rumor has it he might have picked up a ukulele. I'm sure that Cynthia McKinney is or could be a great ukulele player.

ib said...

Interesting to read your perspective on the presidential race. From an international point of view - or at least being that much closer geographically to a seedbed of malcontent - it once again looks suspiciously like evaluating the lesser of two evils.

The Black Angels are very good. One of those few current groups I actually listen to.

Jon said...

I've gotta say that I wasn't presenting my perspective on the presidential race. I was commenting on John McCain's character. I know plenty of Vietnam veterans. Most of them were grunts. A couple of them were helicopter pilots or crew. None were at the level of McCain. He was born to the military elite. McCain served in air conditioned comfort, fighting a push button war but he wraps himself in the flag and lets himself be called a hero where guys that I've know who were on the ground and in the bush would never dream of doing such a thing.

I'll have to admit that I like the Obama candidacy, but I'm not in love with Obama the man. Maybe I'll have something to say about that later.

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