Monday, June 30, 2008

I hate them even more

I hate myspace. I've hated myspace since the first time I encountered it. Unfortunately, there were some bands that I wanted to hear. They have myspace pages. In order to find out when and where they are playing, I was told that I would have to become a myspace member. "Fuck you stupid bands" I thought. But then I thought, what's the harm in joining? So I went to sign up. I mean I don't have to maintain my page or anything, do I? I don't have to take it seriously or anything, do I? So I went to sign up and was told, for no reason that I can see, that I am ineligible for myspace. I entered all of my true info and everything and I was rejected by myspace. There's a guy who is "married" to his $3,000 life like love dolls who has a myspace page, but I can't get one. I really, really hate myspace. I think I'm going to spend the balance of the day hating myspace.


Hagar's Daughter said...

I think you can check out someone's myspace page without having a page yourself. If you tell me the band names I'll check it out for you, but I can't tell you off hand how to do it without doing it myself. But try searching for the bands myspace page. I'm sure it will work without creating an account.

I have an account, but don't really keep up. My family will post comments every once in a while.

Jon said...

Great to hear from you. I see you are back from vacation. I'm usually grumpy for about as long as the vacation lasted. I'll figure out Myspace sooner or later.

Matt said...

Thanks for reminding me... today is the day I have been planning to shut down my MySpace page.
I posted a notice, a month ago, on MySpace, that I was going to be closing up and for anyone of my 'friends' that wanted to stay in touch should contact me... Not one person/ band/ etc, bothered...
I never have liked the layout of their website, either. It was always more of a pain in the ass to visit, than beneficial.

Meh. I'll quit my bitchin'.

ib said...

I'm not a fan of MySpace myself. Or FaceBook, or whatever else it's called. It's the same with that Technorati button on the bottom of my web page. I put it in there just because "everybody else was doing it". The idea was to increase site traffic. They list you on there for reference, but at the same time - i've come to realize - you are given a ranking, or "authority". This authority has nothing to do with content but increases with every link back to you from another site. It's like pyramid selling, so far as I can see, or social 'networking' on some Byzantium scale. It also explains all these "I've linked to you, now return the favor" comments you find all over the internet. I did it myself, initially, and now feel like a prize dick. Worse, I did it before I even collected my dinky little Technorati badge so it did little to increase my authority. Damn!

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