Monday, June 2, 2008

Made outta human skulls...

RIP Bo Diddley. For some reason, Bo Diddley's lyrics have been running through my mind lately. "The night was black, the sky was blue/ Down the alley an ice wagon flew." I haven't had much to say about poetry, but let me say now that Bo Diddley's lyrics were as fine an example of poetry as any in the English language.

RJ Eskow has written a worthy tribute at his Nightlight blog.

Mojo Repair Shop has links to some free downloads.

Dust and bones.


mwhybark said...

Sad news indeed. I can't recall how I came to Mr. Diddley, but would guess via the Doors. At any rate I spent a fine psychedelic summer alternating Diddley Chess sides with late eighties Butthole Surfers, and I can attest to the visionary power of Mr. Diddley's amazing work. I intend to dig that LP out tonite and listen loud.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I got to see Bo just once. He and the Dishrags, if memory serves, supported the Clash. Bo rocked that crowd mercilessly.

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