Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And speaking of coincidences...

I know someone who went to high school in the town Richard Nixon grew up in. I went to high school in the town he lived in after he, uh, "retired". What a coincidence. Really, just an excuse to post this, my favorite image of The King. It's also my favorite image of Nixon. I can forgive Elvis his excesses.

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ib said...

I love this picture too. I had a cat once who reminded me of Elvis. I used to sing "Dixie" to him when I was drunk.

The story I remember of Elvis leaving Graceland unsupervised to meet Nixon in the Oval Office and claim his Secret Service badge is 22 carat gold. I can picture him even now in his cape with a diamond encrusted cain and his eyes whirling like Catherine Wheels. Beautiful.

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