Monday, June 9, 2008

Thanks Frank

Frankie has linked to me at his blog, Ex Con Addict Alcoholic's Struggle. Sometimes I think Frank is doing it the hard way, but he is doing it. Anyone who disses Frank doesn't know where he's coming from. I know where he's coming from and I have nothing but respect for him.

In return for the link, I promised Frank that I'd try and write like someone who takes recovery seriously. Let me make something clear, all of this, the whining, the aimless reminiscing and especially the ukuleles is backed up with enormous gratitude. I have a wonderful life through no particular virtue of my own.

I thought that nobody knew about people like me until a group of people like me took me by the hand and loved me back to some kind of sanity. I live in a world that is bigger than the confines of my skull and I feel genuine love for people because I was helped to find a relationship with a power greater than myself.

Now, back to whining, reminiscing and ukuleles.


Hagar's Daughter said...

You are such a poet; this post is just poetic and heartwarming and all that good stuff. I stand in awe of folk like you and Frank who wrestle with addiction and reach out and help others along the way. We all fight demons, I know I have mine. The wanna-be priest that I am.

BTW, I read your comment at Field's blog about the lady who is poor with 10 kids and a single parent. You hit it on the head.

Jon said...

Thanks Stacy. Especially for calling me a poet. I'm never sure if I'm writing poetry or if I've just forgotten how to punctuate. I enjoy Field's writing but sometimes I think he, and some of his readers, get a little too bourgeois and people like us are supposed to be about loving the poor. I wasn't saved by judgment. I'd gotten plenty of that. I was poor in spirit and saved by love. I try not to lay it on too thick. People like me can scare people like I used to be.

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