Monday, June 2, 2008

Nothing but complaints

I just noticed that three of the last four posts have been about dead people. The fourth is a list of complaints. Let me make something clear: Life is grand, even the parts we think are "bad". Time has a way of passing, which causes a certain amount of confusion in my particular human brain. Lately time has passed without me getting much sleep. That's all

I've been reading quite a lot of Howard Thurman. What a guy. Allow me to share a quote:

"Sometimes there are ragings of anxiety, of hurts that we do not want to see disappear. They provide excellent opportunities to bolster up our own ego or own sense of faltering security. This fact must not blind us to the great power that there is in what is here referred to as the central stillness."

I enjoy sounding off like some kind of wise guy. A friend has suggested that I spend a little time with Psalm 46.

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