Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pit Bull, Pig, What's the difference?

Hat tip to The Field Negro. Long after it would have done me any good, I have finally become cool. Mick Farren, the Mick Farren, has posted a link to this blog at Doc 40.

Armagideon Time - Willie Williams


ib said...

Hey. Congratulations, if that doesn't sound too sychophantic.

Actually, I am merely jealous.

The Willie Williams version is the best, even though I heard the Clash cover first.

Jon said...

It doesn't seem to have increased my readership one bit. I'm still a vox clamiato at the end of an alley in the warehouse district. Sycophantic? As one of the few people who comes down my dank little alley, any encouragement from you is quite welcome.

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