Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hanging on

Mr. Beer N. Hockey wants to go out with a drink in each hand. I'm ready to die clutching my ukulele, playing "Class War".  It might be the only weapon I'll have left.

Class War - The Dils

It might be true that I have "ceased fighting anything or anybody", but they haven't ceased fighting us.


ib said...

I read Beer's fatalistic post after seeing this post come through in Reader; I'm finally getting the hang of using these Google applications, I think.

Those bus driver cracks creased me up.

Good to hear the Dils, too. They occupy the same area in my brain as the Germs, who I marginally prefer. That California Punk thing, I suppose.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Had the good fortune of seeing the Dils play a small, inviting club on Dope City's Street of Dreams. Those boys could rock it.

Jon said...

I never saw The Dils, but the Kinman brothers folded The Dils and became Rank and File. They then moved to New York where they did some joint gigs with my Indiana friends, The Gizmos. I saw Rank and File at the mildly famous Maxwell's in Hoboken.

dearkitty said...

Hi Jon,

Congratulations; as I have awarded an award to your blog! See here. All best wishes for you and your blog.

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