Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day, and I ain't workin'

Still have to have two browsers and five windows open to post this. Is it any wonder I haven't posted anything for a month?

What ever happened to the world? It's Labor Day, that's Labor not consumer day. The work that people do is important. Our relationship to work is important. What we buy with out money just isn't that important. Nonetheless, I am still being bombarded by creepy neo-hippies who want me to believe that I can change the world "by shopping!!"

Go away creepy neo-hippies, I'm a proud union man. I believe I'll take my wages and buy me one of them rocket ships.

Action Packed - Ronnie Dee
Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship (Album) - Hank Snow
Interplanetary Music - Bad Livers
Ib from Siblingshot is the best pal a blogger could have and he is trying to explain to me how I might flee the clutches of iMeem. It seems, like everything else, it costs money. That will cut into my interplanetary exploration budget.

While I'm pondering that one give a listen to Mademoiselle Montana's Yodel Heaven. Perhaps you think you are not a yodeling fan. Perhaps you have not given The Mademoiselle a chance to educate you in the beauty of yodeling.

Solidarity forever.
Mademoiselle Montana about to bust a yodeling move. 


ib said...

Go for the rocket ship, instead. Just be sure it has retro fins and plenty of sharp corners.

Those old tin numbers are dangerous, maybe, but beautiful to look at.

Daisy Montana said...

You said it just right: Mademoiselle Montana's yodel heaven is a blog for yodel lovers but also for all the other people who want to discover strange music.
Thanks for your support !

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