Thursday, September 18, 2008


I had a phone conversation with the great Frankie. I'm looking forward to meeting him soon. He seemed a little surprised that I am as old as I am. I have to remind him that I am two years younger than Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone would have been. I am seven years younger than Patti Smith and two years older than John (Rotten) Lydon. I guess there were several things about my age that surprised him. First, my dentures kept falling out. Second my Depends sprung a leak causing an ugly stain on my Sansabelt polyester slacks which almost dripped onto my hush puppies. Or maybe it was the way I kept marveling at the fact that my phone works pretty good, even though it does not have a cord. Hell, I don't know, maybe it was because I couldn't stop talking about what a rebel John McCain is. What a fuckin' wild man that guy is.

Let me assure you Frank, a new set of incontinence pants, a double dose of denture glue and a couple of cans of "Just For Men" and I clean up real good. Let's talk again soon.
Old Blevins - Austin Lounge Lizards


Lou said...

Came from Frank's place. This post was funny as hell.
I like irreverent blather (but not irrelevent blather). I'll check back.

Jon said...

Thanks Lou. Frank turned me onto "Andrew's Addiction". He mentioned you on the phone. It might not be apparent, but, as far as I'm concerned, this blog is all about recovery, spirituality, radical politics and cool music, in no particular order. Put it this way, If it wasn't for recovery, spirituality and The Steps I wouldn't have anything to say because I'd be dead.

ib said...

I thought this post was hugely entertaining too, but was in two minds about leaving a comment. I didn't want to intrude.

If you and Frankie meet up soon, say hello. I would normally suggest having a drink on me, but under the circumstances...

I'm not sure I got the McCain rebel jibe, though, although he is certainly a prize asshole. Over here all the supermarkets stock McCain's Oven Ready Chips and Micro Chips ; there is a joke in there somewhere.

Jon said...

Oh, McCain is trying to sell himself as an outsider and a rebel against Bush style Republicanism. It's kind of classically western (as in cowboys) to pose as an individualist and iconoclast while really being an authoritarian dickhead. Texas is full of "rebel" shitheads who expect everyone else to toe their line.

Jon said...

PS Ib, you're buying the coffee.

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