Thursday, February 4, 2010

A personal request.

Kass is a regular reader here and at Mick Farren's Doc 40 blog. Just at the moment (s)he's carrying the weight of the world. (Her) daughter has cancer and (s)he's helping her cope. She's scheduled for brain surgery next week. (S)he has asked for prayers and good thoughts.

I don't know if prayers are magical. I don't know if prayers can help someone far away. I know that praying helps me. When I pray for someone else it makes me a better man. I know I bring some of that with me when I get up from my prayers.

Every day I go out in the world, knowing that I am less than perfect. The best I can hope for is that maybe I can do more good than harm. When I pray I figure I'm improving my chances of doing something right. Maybe that has a ripple effect. Maybe the small good that I am able to bring to the world can send out a wave of tiny acts of kindness that will reach someone far away.

If I have a ministry I figure it's pretty tiny. I'm also pretty sure it's about acts not words.

Keep Kass and (her) daughter in your thoughts and prayers.

Update!! Kass is a SHE. Keep Kass and HER daughter in your thoughts and prayers.

Listen Lord, A Prayer- James Weldon Johnson, Margaret Waike (Buy)


@eloh said...

I'll put them on our prayer list also Jon. God already knows who they are.

Anonymous said...

hi Jon,

yes, Kass and his daughter...i will/am pray(ing)

thank you,


kass said...

Jon, I am so moved by this post. Am a great believer in positive thoughts and energy and thankful for yours, eloh's and Todd's and to anyone else out there reading this and sending a silent prayer. With much gratitude and love to all of you.

And now... I have to make a small correction, and find it amusing, what an egalitarian medium the internet is. I'm a mom; i.e. Kass is a she. Wonderful that it isn't obvious, huh? That we're all people first.

ish said...

I needed a good reason to light a candle. This will do nicely.

Peace and blessings to you, Kass & daughter.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You are the Pope of Poetry Assholes.

Poem to follow at Eleven.

Nazz Nomad said...

((((( good thoughts )))))

Valerie said...

Hey Kass (and hi Jon),

Thoughts for you and your daughter and hope all goes well.

Quite a few years ago now my sister became very ill whilst on holiday in a little mountain village in Northern Italy. She was flown by helicopter to the nearest city, Verona, where they discovered a brain tumor and operated immediately. She is still alive and very kicking - later back in a hospital in England, where the once excellent National Health system had deteriorated, she became the terror of the abysmal conditions and when well enough was invited to join a national commission set up to improve things. (They have.)

She was lucky, Verona has one of the best neurosurgery units in Italy but, the city of Romeo and Juliet, many visitors go when they are in love and we always think that helped. A city full of love,
what could be better?

Love to you both (and to you Jon)


kass said...

Thanks, Valerie.
I'm a great believer in (and we all know who said it)... "Love is all there is."

Appreciate the story. Funny, kinda similar. My daughter and a friend had gone to Moab to see the red rock country for her birthday on a welcome break from chemo when she had a seizure and they rushed her to the Huntsman Cancer Center in SLC (not quite Verona but an excellent center). Turns out the sarcoma they'd found last July during open-heart surgery had metastasized to the brain.

let's hope her brain surgery will be as successful as your sister's and she'll soon be "up and kicking."

Thanks everyone for your loving thoughts. I'll picture them transforming SLC into Verona! Now that's a happy prospect.

Birdsong said...

I'm happy and proud to be among this ministry of readers.

Kass - I've been praying you and your daughter for a couple 'a days. Might we know her first name please?

Prayer is something of a new (but overdue) phenomenon for me and I've found praying for others helps me immensely - if God helps the recipient, then the miracle is complete.

Lots of love....


kass said...

Thanks so much, Laura.

While my daughter appreciates everyone's kind thoughts she is a very private person and prefers to go unnamed.

ib said...

Well. I'm not that hot on prayer, I don't think. But positive goodwill can't hurt.

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