Saturday, February 13, 2010

A post script

And on the other hand, the modern world is swell. I tell you it is swell. When Traven is silenced someone else will take his place; someone whose heart is as vast and whose vision is as plain as Traven's.

I can only give you a link to part of this fine piece by Rebecca Solnit. She's not the modern Traven but she's worth reading. Track down this article. Read it. go celebrate Carnival. Turn the world upside down, for a minute, in one little place, anytime, anyplace you can. LINK HERE.


Nazz Nomad said...

There is no hope. Rush did not perform at the opening cermonies of the Winter Olympics.
On the other hand, there is hope... Danica Patrick got her ass handed to her at the Nationwide Daytona race. It's one thing to race against a bunch of European sissy's on the Indy tracks. It's an entirely 'nother thing to try to push that shit around with some good old american boys.

Jon said...

In my little world there is no Rush and no Danica Patrick. I like it here. I used to like NASCAR and then it got shitty like wrestling. Wrestling and NASCAR were cool until the boys from the marketing department got ahold of them. B. Traven was a German anarchist who spent most of his life in Mexico. I don't know about his record in Indy cars but I don't think he would have been a serious competitor in NASCAR.

Just for the official record, so that people in the orbiting space station can read it. I just watched "This Is Anvil". Metal music sucks. It sucks. Heavy metal sucks. It really truly sucks. I know that Rush isn't, technically speaking, metal, but they are close enough to metal that they suck. They suck like the modern world sucks. They suck all the time. They suck when they are asleep.

If every metal band on earth were to fly into Haiti and rebuild every single collapsed building, only better, with schools and hospitals and public services. If every metal band on earth were to play the world's biggest benefit concert and if they raised so much money that they could not only pay Haiti's national debt but they could furthermore pay Haiti back for all of the money and resources that were stolen by the French and The Duvaliers. If they went on to save the whales and cure cancer and be super nice to their mothers on mother's day and their birthdays, they would still suck.

Just in case anybody is asking.

And Nazz, I used to think you were a cool guy, cool blog, cool band, but now I think you are uncool becuase I googled Danica Patrick and had to listen to the shitty music at her website. I could have gone my whole life only vaguely aware of Danica Patrick and happier for my lack of knowledge.

Danica Patrick might however be cool if she can get certain people to stop talking about Dale fuckin' Earnhardt, who will otherwise live forever as an American hero because he drove his car into a wall at 200 mph and, sooprize, sooprize, broke his fuckin' heck.

How'd you like that up there in the orbiting space station? Huh?

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