Monday, February 1, 2010

Busking on the frozen tundra.

It's either inspired creative parenting or child abuse. Ross K of Gazetteer fame has been dragging his kids out in public places and busking on ukulele and guitar. I think it's great.

I really like this video because it also introduces us to The Hammer, Mr Beer N. Hockey's famous dog. There's even reason to believe that some of those grown up knees belong to Beer and Sonia. Plus I dig that crazy harmonica.

Ross and his kids kind of remind me of Dr. Michael Homan and his kids. Dr. Homan is a friend of a friend of a friend. Four years ago he helped his, then ten year old, daughter, Kalypso, make a documentary about why she loves New Orleans and how she felt about Hurrican Katrina. It's one of my favorite YouTube videos. Kalypso and her dad are both great bloggers.

I was really pleased to see Beer and The Gazetteer get together. I hope to meet some of my readers someday.


@eloh said...

As is common at times, I have had use of the computer today without sound, my son is using that element.

I couldn't wait to see your videos so I watched them mute... they were still fun (kids with ukes) and informative (Katrina). I'll have to come back and pick it up again with sound.

In the mean time, I did some blog purging, the ones I had picked up to read, but posts multiple times during the day and were just making me miss postings of blogs that I want to not miss a post.

Then there are those who have gone "out of business" but since they don't post, they aren't in the way... some old music blogs from which lead me to you long ago... I kept them,,,just in case.

But some others truly seem to have died... or worse.
Go look at the comments at the Iowa Writers Workshop. I dropped it...cause either way....

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I could see and hear Gazz, his children and their dog from quite a distance before introducing myself. It was a scene that would fit perfectly into the opening of a Woody Allen movie.

The Hammer ran straight up to Little E. and her little buddy before she greeted anyone else in the park. Two happy girls and a happy dog - what could be better?

Gazz is a smart guy. It was good to spend some time in the park with such a man.

His bigger daughter sang and played well, had a firm handshake for a woman and sparkly eyes full of magic and surprise, just like the city she lives in.

Jon said...

Gazz comes down here fairly often. He is obviously a smart guy. One of the reason why I'd like to meet him. He's threatening to show up at a ukulele club meeting this spring. Then again I might go to Newfoundland this spring. He'll be here and I'll be in Canada.

RossK said...

The hell you will!

(go to Newfoundland in July I mean)

Thanks jon--

You made my week

(you too Beer)

Now - back to our regularly scheduled live....

_____ more video up (coming soon) will be of the whole gang singing John Darnielle's 'The Best Ever Deathmetal Band Out Of Denton' (filmed by the Mom of the Two E's).....Sure hope child protection and/or the Dope City Busking Police don't suddenly show up at our door....



ib said...


Quick! Freeze frame on the knee!

The years of residential online anonymity have me squawking like a schoolchild.

Anonymous said...

I hope to meet some of my readers someday.

most excellent Jon,


Jon said...

Todd, if it keeps raining up here I might be in Arizona soon. I don't ask much, just a few acres and a couple of rooms so I don't feel crowded. Oh and like it quiet so I can sleep til ten in the morning. Other than that I'm a perfect house guest.

kass said...

Hey, if that's all you need you can come stay at my place long as you want, assuming you like cats and horses and wild turkeys (that's plural... eight of 'em have decided to make a home out back. They must know I'm vegetarian. 'Course my throwing out horse feed when it snows may be part of it.)

Actually, I'm serious. I need to leave the country for a few weeks in the spring and need someone here. Email me at, if of interest. Anyone, I suppose, long as you're trustworthy and have a good heart. I can tell Jon does.

On the other front... my daughter has to have brain surgery for a tumor next week. I'm scared, tho' i don't tell her that. All prayers welcome. No good thoughts turned away. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I mean it. I believe in that sort of power.

Jon said...

Kass, Check the next post. Also, you know, I've never been to Idaho, I keep meaning to check out the northern rockies and never getting around to it. This is a timely offer. Let me think on it.

RossK said...


I'm not a praying man.


My thoughts are with you and your daughter for now and forever.



This is one of the finest comment threads I've had the pleasure to be involved in, truly.



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