Saturday, February 13, 2010

the modern world sucks

The internet is full of bad news. Bad news.

I just found out that there are no B. Traven books in print. Not in the US anyhow.

When I think of the worthless fucks whose books are read reverently by graduate students and writers workshop idiots I really seriously want to break things and curse.

The next time you meet a graduate student who admits to having read W.S. Maugham, beat him up, take his money and use it to buy a copy of "The White Rose". You'll have to track down a used copy but it will be worth every cent you steal and every drop of blood that graduate student sheds.

Sometimes I think that art is just some crap I use to pass the time but GOD DAMN IT I would gladly trade the whole of John Updike, William Faulkner and Ayn fukkin' Rand- I would happily see their memory wiped from the face of the earth- in exchange for a world where B. Traven is given the respect that he deserves.

The modern world is a heaven for cowards, punks and snitches. It is a world ruled by vampires.


ish said...

Not your main point, but all my favorite people hate Ayn Rand. I've found hope in's like a litmus test: if you are a decent human being you are morally compelled to hate her. If you see through the curtain of lies about the way the world is, you cannot bear her.

Jon said...

I mentioned her because she is on some academic list of the 100 greatest novels of the 20th century. What a pathetic excuse for an artist. She was vain, self absorbed and stupid. The best I can say about her is that, in her worship of early capitalist industry she is sort of a pale shadow imitator of Marx. There are artists I can grudgingly admire despite our differences. She's not one of them.

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