Thursday, February 25, 2010

this is it.

I have a real bad cold or allergies or something. I feel lousy. I've been off work all week. I was about to let the whole thing slip away, but I got a couple of phone calls from friends encouraging me to come to work tomorrow. I'm driving one more trip into the city tomorrow morning. I'm all done after that. I've been driving for a living off and on since 1973. 1971 if you count moving trucks around a parking lot and backing them up to a dock when I was a teenager. I think I'm done with all that. A bit over a million miles. Something like a million and a quarter. That's plenty. I'm glad I did it and I'm glad it's over.


RossK said...

Say what jon?

You're done?



(sounds to me like your friends might have something in store for you tomorrow...)


kass said...

Heartfelt congratulations, Jon!

mwhybark said...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're going in; it gives your coworkers one last chance to say they love you and will miss you when you're not around. Of course, most of them probably can't use those exact words, or maybe even words at all. I can! I love you and will miss you when you're not around! Hmmm...The Google is not recognizing my password. I'm Butch. Butch Pansy.

Jon said...

thank you all, I drove one last trip into SF. Parked the bus, walked into the locker room and changed out of my uniform. Then I walked into the break room and made a big show out of throwing out my uniform. I got taken out to breakfast by a group of friends. I emptied out my locker, caught a bus to the HR department, signed a bunch of papers, got my retiree ID (free bus rides for life!) and then had an hour and a half to kill in the San Rafael break room. I basically spent the whole time shaking hands and getting hugs.

Everybody kept saying, "Don't be a stranger". I know they'd hate it if I kept dropping around and hanging out. I hope that most of them forget me and that their lives just go on. I was however, extremely grateful for their good wishes and there are plenty of them that I will stay in touch with.

I also got a nice card signed by at least a hundred drivers. The thing is, this all feels like graduating from high school. It feels too good to be true. LIke, they're going to call me on Monday and say, "Ha ha, jokes on you! Get your ass back in here! You're not getting away that easy!"

Anonymous said...

We of the the north also resound, Jon - "Gentleman, stop your engines."

Our hats are off to you! Wahoo!


ish said...

Congratulations, Jon.

The thought of having the chance to only do stuff I want to do makes me green with envy.

RossK said...

Wahoo! Indeed.

Now get those instruments out and get to work.

Because you will get no more 'Mr. Nice Comments' from me until I see some new product.....

(just acknowledging what you had to say over at Siblinghot)

ib said...

A million and a quarter miles adds up to a lot of road.

High five, Jon.

I liked that shot of the ukes all packed in their cases and waiting to go. Kind of final in a preemptive fashion.

Did the company not permit the ceremonial burning of the uniform ?

D. Jon Moutarde said...

You should have sold that uniform to a Japanese cosplay fiend -- I hear that airline unis go for big bucks among the pervs over there!

Congratulations. I doubt I'll be able to join you in retirementland anytime soon, so I'm feeling a little jealous.

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