Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A perky new me

Things are a little livelier today.

Hopefully I'll get something done today. I'm up and dressed and everything. Because I appreciate my few readers and my even fewer listeners, here's a wonderful soul tune by William Bell and Judy Clay. I don't remember this song from the sixties but it has really grown on me in recent years. One of my favorite songs.

Private Number- William Bell and Judy Clay (Buy)

My problem, I think, is not so much that I'm crazier than anybody else but that I'm not as good at covering it up.


ib said...

Nice tune. Sounds like a grower.

BTW, good to see you're up and about and getting on with things. That GOL demo ? Actually, it only runs for an hour before you get a prompt to buy; it just seemed longer when I was on it. A waste of time, alright, but strangely therapeutic. Some kinda fun.

@eloh said...

I love this picture. With my damaged brain, at first, when I read my head just picked up Bell and it made me remember Maggie Bell. I used to listen to her a good bit after Janis died. She doesn't sound like Janis but the style was the same..white lady sings the Blues.

Jon said...

No, William is not to be confused with Maggie or Alexander Graham. I'm glad you like the picture. Just a photo of the trailer yesterday morning. A snapshot. All of those people, including the garden gnome, are me.

Anonymous said...

Great tune!!

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