Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I shall not be vulgarized.

I suppose I could pique your interest if I posted some of John Lennon's little known ukulele tunes.

I notice that nobody seems to like any of the songs I've been posting lately. Your loss. I will not cater to the vulgar masses by posting cornball punk rock reminiscences. Every body hated the stuff I was listening to 35 years ago. Now it's cool and young people think I'm hep. I am not hep you darn young people. You would hate the stuff I listen to now, just like your daddy hated the stuff I listened to then. When I die, people will realize how wonderful I was, just like they did to William Blake. I am a lot like William Blake except, you know, untalented. Man am I tired.

Here's a song I've been partial to since I was a little weasel with an ugly sweater and a borrowed banjo. I've been working up a little ukulele rendition of it. I understand that this is considered a bluegrass standard. This is not the standard version.

Soldier's Joy- Holy Modal Rounders (buy)

Buy everything you can find by the Holy Modal Rounders. Listen to it over and over until you get old listening to it. Keep listening.


@eloh said...

I liked the cajun flavor of that tune.

I'm a big Stanley Brothers fan, odd lyrics etc.

I've been really tired lately and not up to my usual chatty self.

Jon said...

We could have a tiredness contest. I'm tireder than you. No, no, i'm more tired. The post about Dachau was creepy but really great.

@eloh said...

There for a couple days I was lucky to read a few blogs much less comment, just drained.

I'm always good for creepy...thanks for the read.

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