Sunday, August 9, 2009

Once again, I blew off church

I did watch Dogma last week. Does that count? It is one of three movies about New Jersey that I don't find depressing. Can you name the other two?

Besides watching Dogma, I listened to Porter Hall Tennessee. More hipster hillbilly gospel music, but I like that kind of thing.

Satan On The Run- Porter Hall Tennessee (buy)

Ola Belle Reed was no hipster, she was the real thing. I've been listening to her too.

Fortunes- Ola Belle Reed (buy)

Speaking of hipster hillbilly music, here's the skinny and talented creator of the Chicken Banjo Uke playing same


ib said...

I am a sucker for skinny women. It seems to grow exponentially with my own thickening mid section. Ah well.

That Ola Belle Reed song is fairly marvelous, thanks. As is the interview by way of introduction. I needed to hear something like this right now. "Beggars Banquet" and "Gimme Shelter" without the specter of artifice.

Actually. The intro kind of reminds me of Moulty from the Barbarians. Nice.

Jon said...

Did I tell you that I know someone who knew Moulty? Not personally, but apparently he met him. He also knew Jonathan Richman. Several people have told me that Jonathan was a higly visible part of the Cambridge, Massachusetts street scene in the early '70's. If you were that age at that time in that place, chances are you knew Jonathan.

Skinny girls are hard to come by in the USA lately. Fat dudes, especially old ones, are a dime a dozen.

Frankiecon said...

Could it be Clerks and Jersey Girl? Garden State?

Jon said...

Yes, Clerks! But not the dreadful Clerks II. Your second guess Jersey Girl is incorrect! I will not lower myself to discussing Garden State. I must say that I really loved Ghost Dog, substantial parts of which were filmed in Jersey, although no mention of Jersey is made. That's a hint. My other favorite was mostly not filmed in Jersey, although it is about characters from Jersey.

Gazetteer said...


All new Uke inventions must be wurlitzered far and wide.


Return of the Secaucus Seven?


Frank - thanks for the fantastic comment over at my place.



Jon said...

That was a fantastic comment at The Gazetteer. I struggle daily with Ross' posts. I even subscribed to some other Canadian blogs in hopes of understanding a little more. It is always good to hear from Ross and it's great to see Frank posting again.

Sarah in Mississippi said...

I'm so digging this download of Porter Hall Tennessee ... such a hoot. Thanks for turning me onto some new music.

Harder to come by than skinny women are smart ones. :)

Jon said...

Sarah, Harder to come by and best when you do.

Devil Dick said...

that is hawt!!!!

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