Sunday, August 9, 2009

Having been pawed at by doctors I am sick and exhausted. I felt OK until the doctors got to me. I am not looking forward to getting truly old and being unable to defend myself from the doctors.

The word for this is Iatrogenesis.

The doctors decided that I have a "sleep disorder". They described a bunch of symptoms. In the interest of being helpful, I pointed out that I do not have any of those symptoms. In the interest of commerce, the doctors insisted that I would have to sleep attached to an expensive machine or two or they would take away my job. Under that threat, I attempted to sleep attached to the machines. Supposedly, I have trouble breathing when I sleep. The machine was supposed to help me with that. In fact, the machines cut off my breathing and made it almost impossible to sleep for more than a few minutes at a time. After three nights without sleep I have all of the symptoms of someone with a severe sleep disorder. I fall asleep every time I sit down. I can't read without falling asleep. I can't play music without falling asleep. I can't watch a movie without falling asleep.

I offered to return the machine through the window of the sleep clinic but the nice receptionist negotiated a less dramatic return. Despite the fact that I have medical insurance, here in the country with the "best" or more likely, thirty second best health care in the world, I was forced to find a doctor who does not have a financial interest in the sleep disorder industry. I paid him cash and he examined me and found me fit to work.

This whole business drug on for two months. I am depressed, exhausted and can't shake this cold that has been dragging me down for weeks.

I have often expressed my admiration for Brownfemipower. She has had a few interesting things to say about the disease industry lately. Click here to read an excellent post.

Sunday morning is past, but it's still Sunday so it seems appropriate to post this little tune,

Sunday Morning- Elizabeth Cook (buy)

Elizbeth Cook is married to Tim Carroll, former Gizmo and Indiana punk legend. And yes, the song was written by decadent New York heroin afficionado and Andy Warhol associate, Lou Reed. Ain't life strange? They tell me that Lou is all cleaned up and nice to be around too.


@eloh said...

Well, you got one piece of crap off the list. Maybe with some sleep you can shake the cold.

I'll have to come back later, I always do anyway, to hear the music.

Joe said...

Recession jobs are nearly as good as your double speak machine. Nearby new job came up for Security guard 7pm to 7am on alternate days of week. Presumably you get a real good sleep once you are dead!

ib said...

Yes. Trying to sleep while hooked up to some machine, I am sure, is a lot like trying to breathe through a fucking oxygen mask. I had the pleasure of that one once in an ambulance as it spirited my off to A&E (ER) with sirens wailing as the result of a stab wound. And then in the casualty department proper as the doctors examined me and C.I.D. fought for my attention while picking their nose and glancing at their wrist watch.

Great painting, Jon. Who that ?

It is some comfort at times to see Lou Reed cleaned up. Although I see he is still addicted to the weed.

I hope they are not charging you personally for this fucking around ?

Jon said...

Ib, your wedding day draws nigh. What are you doing on the internet? I'm sorry to say I did not note down the artist. The title is "Sick woman asleep."

Joe, yes, a friend once took a job driving a truck for a produce company only to find that he was expected to drive for up to 36 hours without a break. When he pointed out that they were forcing him to work illegal hours he was told "That hasn't been a problem for our other drivers. Maybe this job isn't a good match for you."

@eloh, you're always welcome here.

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