Monday, August 24, 2009

Bed Suck

Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

I am stuck to my bed. I have no desire to get up, but I have a vague suspicion that this is not a good thing. I have to earn a living. All sorts of financial predators are knocking at my door, not to mention Buck and Tex, my excellent landlords. I've been sleeping badly, but I've been staying awake just as badly. I was supposed to spend the day mediating between work and doctor's office so that proper paper work could be exchanged. Instead I lay here. I suspect that I am dissociating. Maybe I'm sick but I don't feel particularly sick. I feel a bit depressed, but not consciously so. On the other hand, I woke up last night in a state just below a full on panic attack.

Sorry to have to bare my inner most to strangers here but I don't feel like talking to real people.

Music helps.

Outta Harm's Way- King Khan and the Shrines (Buy)

King Khan and the Shrines and The Satelliters sound really good today.


ib said...

Oh, I don't hate the player.

Oddly enough I wasted a few hours the other day playing the free demo of this conversion:

It is the closest I have ever come to winning at it. The real thing sucks.

Sometimes it is quite reasonable to batten down the shutters for a day or so and opt out of the game temporarily. Those creditors are sometimes better ignored too. I only ever answer the door these days if I feel up to it. They can wait.

Thanks for the King Khan.

dearkitty said...

Hi Jon, best wishes for you.

Here is about the Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain.

Jon said...

Ib, Yeah, I'm a little more willing to deal with the world this morning. Glad you liked the King Khan. I've been following King Khan for some time now. I first stumbled across the Del Gators several years ago. They were quite a puzzle, a group of frenzied roots rocking south Asians from French speaking Canada. I went on to discover Les Sexareenos and The Spaceshits along with the fantastic Sympathetic Sounds of Montreal Compilation. There seemed to be a world class scene in Montreal, yet in interviews members of the scene insisted that there was no scene. Turns out there was some truth to that claim as all of those bands included the common element of King Khan or his collaborator, BBQ. Those two have left Montreal to start King Khan and the Shrines in Germany. If I was a real music blogger I'd try and post an historic overview of those bands. As it is I mostly post whatever I happen to be listening to.

I'm a little scared of that Game of Life demo. I'm trying to do a couple of things today.

Kitty, Always good to hear from you. Thanks for the Marxist perspective on the UOGB.

@eloh said...

I read your post last night and was too tired to comment.

My brain will not go in gear here lately.

I can't offer any suggestions to remedy the "bed" problems. I know exactly what you are talking about.

Jon said...

Hi Eloh, I'm up dressed, shaved and showered. Laundry is spinning in the machine, coffee is in the pot. I guess we just need to shut down periodically.

Anonymous said...

HECK I let everything spill out on my blog. People can leave as easily as they found their way in. You having an off day. Tomorrow maybe better.

Madame Pamita said...

The game of life that I played as a kid had you ending up either in a mansion or in the poorhouse. What a horrifying thing for a kid! Or not. Kids don't seem bothered by that sort of stuff. They realize that life is truly a game. How we forget! Anyway, my kids got the new and improved game of life.. no poorhouse at the end. i think you end up in a mansion or a retirement home. something very benign. although i have to say that most retirement homes are pretty horrifying.

Anonymous said...

This BBQ is not a member of King Khan and the Shrines - they have a different act, known as the King Khan and BBQ Show. That act started in 2003 or so. The Shrines were in business in 2001 at least. Khan stayed in Europe during a 1999 Spaceshits tour there (the band started in 1995). BBQ took that moniker for a one-man band he started after the Sexareenos broke up in early 2002 (they started in late 1999 picking up members of two defunct bands - the Spaceshits and the Daylight Lovers, who lost their guitarist, Paul Spence, to that movie Fubar). Khan's sister was in the Del Gators - a band that also included a former Spaceshit as well as existing Sexareenos members (two of whom were former Spaceshits). When Paul Spence returned from Fubar, he joined a new band made up of mainly of ex-Sexareenos, perhaps you have heard of it. That band ended in 2008.

Jon said...

Thanks Anonymous, that was as hard to follow as every other Montreal family tree I've ever come across. It seems like it was a bit more complete though. I said that BBQ was in King Khan and the Shrines because I heard somewhere that he was.

I've heard the King and BBQ show recordings. I've never seen any of the Montreal bands under discussion. Everything I've heard by all of them has been great.

Anonymous said...

Let me simplify...

1995-99 - The Spaceshits - BBQ was lead singer, Khan was bassist..

1996-97 - The Irritations

In 1997 the guitarist/lead singer of the Irritations is replaced with Paul Spence and the band is renamed... The Daylight Lovers aka Lyle Sheraton and the Daylight Lovers, with Spence in the role of Sheraton. He was the star of the band. He left for Calgary to be in that movie "Fubar".

1997-99 - The Daylight Lovers

1999-02 - The Sexareenos (take the lead singer of the Spaceshits (BBQ), the drummer of the Spaceshits and add the bassist of the Daylight Lovers... this band had an organist who had not been in any of these bands.

2000-02 - The Del Gators (featured the rhythm guitarist of the Spaceshits and Khan's sister as well as two members of the Sexareenos - had a similar sound... this had an organ also)

2000 - King Khan and the Shrines - European-based soul type band.

2002 - BBQ the moniker used for his one-man band, later he uses the moniker "Mark Sultan".

2003- King Khan and BBQ Show - Khan plays along with the one-main BBQ band. More garage-like, 50s like as anything with BBQ tends to.

2003-08 - CPC Gangbangs - Two of the ex-Sexareenos are fronted by Paul Spence, back from Fubar. The bassist came from a band called Touch. He was replaced in 2007. No organ in this band.

2003- The Sunday Sinners - The girl band of this crowd, really. The organist from the Sexareenos/Delgators and other women involved with these people... usually with one man in the group... there have been frequent changes in the lineup from what I know. Garage music with organ.

2009 - The Almighty Defenders - King Khan and BBQ team up with the Black Lips based in Georgia I think...

I think that the Spaceshits material was the best from this entire line of groups. Specifically, the earliest of their stuff, from 1995.

Anonymous said...

Something else. King Khan is known for his stage antics, stripping, cross-dressing and so on. He was not like that for most of his Spaceshits time. The stripping and cross-dressing was done by the Irritations instead.

Jon said...

Thank you Anon. That made sense. Having heard the Del Gators first they're my favorites. I've been reading rave reviews about the Almighty Defenders. I like all of those bands really.

This is an interesting comment thread considering that this blog has turned into a discussion of just how depressed I am and hillbilly music. Good to know I still have some contact with rock and roll.

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