Sunday, December 28, 2008

Real Gangster Times

the Specials from back when they were going to usher in the Two Tone Apocalypse and make it all better. They were right, they were good and they should have succeeded. Instead, the gangsters won.

I found a very nice looking suit in a thrift store. It wasn't quite a nifty looking English suit, but that sort of thing was hard to come by in Indiana in 1980. I was accused of trying to import an English fad to the Midwest. I didn't want to wear the punk rock uniform, that's all. I was getting old. I was at the point where I was too old to have new ideas and too young to have a body of experience to fall back on. I had a suit.


ib said...

"Bernie Rhodes knows, so don't argue..."

For a period of time between 1979 and 1981 I went suited and booted. No sharktooth tonic mohair; mostly thrift store handmedowns in the spirit of punk. I met a guy who worked in a very archaic gentlemens' outfitters in Glasgow who had the coolest Vespa. I should really have stuck to my Levi's and Doc Martens, if not my guns.

In the late 80s, I did my very best to track down a 1950s zoot suit in the same style that Paul Newman wore in "Somebody Up There Likes Me". A suit like Dylan's, circa 1966, would have been better.

I eventually tracked down a dead man's pinstripe affair in a cancer charity shop in Glasgow, and that did the trick. I wore it to work and out clubbing - very rarely - when Madchester was all the rage.

There you go.

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

When the Specials opened for the Police about a century ago in a smelly old hockey arena my friends and I were treated to one of the best rock shows ever. We knew the Specials were good but not that good. The next night they played a hastily arranged show in Dope City's biggest beer hall which sold out with only word of mouth advertizing. What fun!

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