Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Hypocrisy of Disco

I just finished a really good book, The Hypocrisy of Disco by Clane Hayward.

There have been way too many memoirs by young people lately. Would you please do something worth remembering first? I'll make an exception for this little memoir. Clane Hayward is only 41. She wrote her story when she was barely 30. The whole book takes place when she was 11, 12 and 13. I'll have to admit that I started out reading this book because a lot of it takes place around here. I ended up fascinated by this story of a little girl who grew up malnourished and lonely and somehow made a person out of herself.

Her parents were, I hate to say it, the worst kind of hippies: self centered, self righteous, lazy and rigidly countercultural. Actually, they remind me of the squares they claimed to be rebelling against. Maybe they were too busy trying to figure something out. They sure didn't have any time for their kids.

Somehow or other, Clane grew up to be a wise person and a good writer. Go figure.

You can learn more about her at her website.

This might be the worst Christmas song I've ever heard

Christmas Time Is Here Again - Crawlspace


Blankfrank06 said...

Thanks for the tip. You're definitely right about the memoirs. I'll see if the book is available at the library. And is the Soma Inn on
Folsom between 6 th and 7th. If that's the place I think it is, I always wanted to go in there and have a cup of coffee. Anygood? And I got your message the other day but was asleep and I'll give you a call after mom leaves.

Jon said...

Hi Frank, The Soma Inn is on Folsom between 6th and 7th. It's a pretty good place. We're both keeping weird hours lately. I enjoyed reading about your Mom's visit. Have a good time. Get your rest. Call when you get a chance.

Cimba7200 said...

Blimey! You're right about that Christmas . - Dave

Clane said...

Jon, I was doing my once a month ego search and I saw this post. Thank you for mentioning "Hypocrisy" and I am very glad you liked it. I have since written another, even though I completely agree with you that young people should not be wasting our time with their goddamned memoirs. It even says that in the preface to my second goddamned memoir. If I had a copy I would send you one, but this was a self-published book and you have to buy itl ike anyone else, including me. It's called "Nothing is Fixed" and it is available only at

Anyway have a great Sonoma day.

Jon said...

Clane, wow, thanks, I'm honored by your visit.

Jon said...

Clane, I doubt you're following this thread but I attempted to order your book from Cafe Press. They somehow managed to get my personal information including credit card info and then lost my order. I don't know if I'm going to try again. I'm not feeling good about handing out my credit card number repeatedly. You sure weren't lying about the crumminess of their interface.

Clane said...

Jon, I'm sorry about that. Encode your snail mail address to me somehow and I will send you a copy. It will have to go through cafepress because I have no extra copies, but at least I'll navigate the shite for you. I hate their site. Drives me crazy. I mean, try uploading a book to them! Aaargghh!

Jon said...

Clane, I'll figure it out. I just had to pause and make sure they weren't going to bill me for that lost transaction.

I would feel bad about taking a free copy. I don't think I sold a single copy of 'Hypocrisy'. I loaned my copy out to some friends.

One of the friends was Quinton, an old hippy dad. His kids turned out just fine, but he has often told me that he thought he was a lousy dad. He loved your book and offered to buy a copy for his daughter. She said she knows too much about growing up as a hippie kid already.

Don't worry, I'm looking forward to "Nothing Is Fixed."

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