Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm having a problem with this

Look this is supposed to be "personal" blog. I'm a political person, but politics is peripheral to what I'm doing here. Thing is that I am having a real problem with what's going on in Gaza.

Remember way back to, like, days ago when terrible, horrible, evil, wicked, bad, monstrous, evil, did I mention evil? terrorists attacked Mumbai? 170 people were killed and it was very, very, very bad because some of them were Western tourists and others were wealthy Indians. The American press could really feel their suffering. That's because some of the suffering was done by the very few people on Earth that the American press gives a shit about.

Never mind that let's move on, as right wingers and racists like to say. So now, Israel has launched a terrorist bombing campaign against the Gaza strip. They've built walls around the place. They've cut off the electricity, water, food and medical supplies and now they're bombing the hell out of the country because Israel has been targeted by Palestinians firing home made rockets that are very little more than fireworks. So far, about 300 people have been killed and 700 wounded.

The thing is, this isn't a tragedy. It's a military operation. It's a military operation by a military that has state of the art weaponry including nuclear weapons. It's a military operation that is aimed at a people who do not even have an army. They have rifles, sidearms and those home made rockets. The Palestinians are less well armed than the Santa Rosa police.

The American press has taken to calling this a humanitarian tragedy. Well, I suppose it is that, but they're still calling it a military operation and they're still saying that those bad Palestinians brought it on themselves by voting for the wrong people. How dare they?

Look, I'm just some asshole in a trailer, but this is a slaughter. It's a monstrous act. It's an attempt at Genocide. I don't know what else to say.


ib said...

The situation out there - like a good many other places, sadly - is fucked.

The word(s) is "collateral damage". It takes a stupid and very rigid man to attempt to explain that to small children when wielding the stick of religion. And politics.

Word verification is "golderat".

Anonymous said...

it hurts like so much elsewhere. we compete too hard and too dirty. no wonder we struggle with our souls.

sfmike said...

It's very nasty indeed. Get in touch if you want to receive your fair share of abuse in the San Francisco Civic Center this coming Saturday. I'll probably join in a protest march though I refuse to listen to the screechy speakers.

Jon said...

Mike, I HATE protest marches but it might be the right thing to do. This sounds like the kind of protest I hate the most, the angry impotent rage protest march. Then again, I'm pretty angry and feeling impotent.

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