Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some sacred harp singing for Sunday. I can't remember where I first heard Sacred Harp singing. From the first time I heard it I recognized it. It is timeless and it is one of the reasons why I am not about to immigrate to France. Every time I get fed up with America I learn about something uniquely American that I could not leave behind.

It's true that most Americans consume themselves with hideous spectacles, but this is a big country and if only a small minority of us turn away from the spectacle, that's still a lot of people.

Traveling Pilgrim- Henagar Union Sacred Harp Convention (Buy)

I'm really depressed. I woke up this morning and my breathing was so clogged up it was like trying to breath through a cocktail straw. I thought about work and all I could think was "Why fucking bother?" I'm in trouble at work for taking off last week. To his credit, my boss expressed concern and has asked me to come in and explain what's going on before he decides what to do. I will be coming in with union representation and a little bit of hope that I'm doing the right thing.

In clinical terms, I have post traumatic stress disorder. The combination of long term illness, job stress and dealing with my family has set me off. I am not coping with this by myself. I have a support network that includes both friends and professionals. This still sucks. I'll be posting but the posts might get a little bit weird. Then again they might just get pretty dull.


valerie said...

ponfiHey Jon.

Sorry this mean old world's been getting at you.
It's good to slow down and rest but sometimes it's worse to stay in bed. Thoughts go round.

Buy some tea tree oil, good for massaging on throat back and chest & rub some in your hands then breathe in, always helps my smoker's sorry lungs.

And keep driving the bus. We don't need the limousines.

valerie said...

Not sure what happened there, Ponfi was the word verification

Birdsong said...

Valerie said tea tree oil. Good advice, although lavender works best for me. Did I already tell you that?

Jon said...

Thank you both. As to oil, I use a proprietary blend called RC. I could look up the contents if you like but the point is that it helps with breathing. Good stuff. Lavender works for depression too.

@eloh said...

I'm lagging for the same reasons.

I don't even know if I'll catch up on my blog reading.

Sometimes between the (two) I can't even crap out some bullcrap for a post...and writing bullcrap usually makes me ease out a little.
Always afraid I'm going to drop off into dirty underwear and a tin foil hat.

Jon said...

@eloh, it seems to me your last couple posts were interesting. For me it's dirty underwear and hiding in bed. The only thing that's making that less tempting is the word discharge, as in "We're hoping not to see a pattern of behavior that will eventually lead to your being discharged." Those words were spoken gently and with good intentions but no one missed the threat. I'll do my best.

Steven said...

Hey, I haven't been reading posts that much lately, but I enjoy it when I do. Good luck with your work issues. It seems they are getting harder to resolve.

Jon said...

Hey Steven, I enjoy your posts at Labor Union Yes. I've got to say that it's been almost 37 years since I got my first commercial driver's license. I've been 22 years working at the same job. Breathing fumes, sleep deprivation, bad old equipment and crazy people have about worn me out. I'm starting to look very seriously at going out on disability and waiting out my time till I can retire. It's not been all bad and some of it's been real good, but I feel like I could do myself a lot of good elsewhere.

Joe said...

You may well be right Jon enough is enough. Whichever way you do it this indeed could be the time to jump ship. It is not like you have not done your share.

Birdsong said...

Some of the best times I've had for myself were the times when I was either on disability or unemployment. If you have it coming to you, maybe you should take advantage of it - especially if the Union is backing you up. You may discover a font of untapped creativity.
Blessings.... and happy almost birthday.

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