Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Sunday. It's noon. I got up a while ago, thought it over and went back to bed. In lieu of religious services I would suggest meditating, or jumping up and down, to this Buddy Miller tune. I don't think Buddy found Jesus at the Azusa Street Revival but he found Him all the same. A virtual baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Buddy Miller- Don't Wait (Buy)


Hagar's Daughter said...

Hi Jon,
I did the same thing this morning. I got back in bed.

Nice song. I wasn't able to jump up and down, but I was able to rock to the music.

Jon said...

Hi HD. Good to hear from you. I've been pleased to see a slight uptick in your postings. Hope this means you are feeling a little better. I'm sure the extra sleep will do us some good. BTW, liked your post on African American women and therapy. I have a hard time convincing working class white men that it is OK to ask for help. Mostly I don't keep my own history a secret. I let people know that I've had "issues". Often, I'll make a little joke of it. No one ever says, "Yeah, me too.", but sometimes they'll approach me later.

Buddy Miller is one of my new big favorites. This is his only gospel album, but something sure got through to him.

elohssanatahw said...

I enjoyed the music, I love really old gospel. I laid out from church again, I think some people may think I've died by now. Trying to get past some personal issues and just can't stand those "pity eyes" some folks can muster up.

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