Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This woman looks disturbingly like my mom, circa 1960-65. She had a ukulele, but it did not have the Arthur Godfrey automatic chord button device.

Mama Was A Rock- Kay Adams and BR549 (buy)

I would highly recommend buying the Rig Rock Deluxe collection. Rene down at Sam's For Play Cafe gives me a kiss on the cheek every time we meet up because I burned her a copy.


elohssanatahw said...

Thanks. Pretty lady, but the boots, oh the boots. Where do you find these odd pictures?

Jon said...

I spend way, way too much time on line.

Jon said...

By the way, do you mind if I address you as Anniston rather than try and remember how elossathhowawhtt
is spelled? Spelling it backwards and reversing the letters saves no time. None at all.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

With women like that around it is no wonder there was population explosion and a lot of dope in the '60s.

elohssanatahw said...

I have noticed that most people have been calling me "elo" but what ever you choose is fine by me. I did it in reverse, thinking maybe, that those offended by naughty words wouldn't bother to look at my name and see that it was in reverse.

Just wanted to pop over and tell you that the major reason I follow your blog is because you struck me as one tough cookie.
Not to mention an entertaining blog.

Devil Dick said...

really cool pic

Jon said...

Thanks Elo. Thanks Devil Dick. You're both alright with me too.

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