Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm going to try and take a little break from the internet. Give the brain a rest, don'tchaknow. Here's two songs about tired brains.

I've always disliked Hank Williams Junior. This isn't my favorite Yayhoos song, but it does include the words, "Somewhere in Colorado/ There's a chunk of Junior's brain", which makes it my favorite song about Hank Junior's damaged brains.

Monkey With a Gun- The Yayhoos (buy)

This is one of the first "real" punk songs I ever heard. I mean, it was independently released and it didn't get played on the radio, unlike, say, Elvis Costello, who was considered punk at the time. Elvis wrote some good songs but he never screamed "Jackie! Hold onto his brains!"

November 22cnd, 1963- Destroy All Monsters (buy)

Click Here for a fabulous history of Destroy All Monsters.

I'll be back this weekend with an appreciation of Tippy Canoe, some thoughts on Madame Pamita and a consideration of where exactly Joey Shithead fits into all of this.


whatan@hole said...

Take care, we'll be waiting on you.

ib said...

Yes. I too have been debating whether to disconnect for a spell; only trouble is, I get a jones whenever I quit out of Blogger.

Destroy All Monsters are wicked. I mean that in the good sense, of course. I've heard "Meet The Creeper", but not this b-side. Nice. Better than the a-side, I feel.

wv = 'soper'. sober and super in collusion, perhaps ?

Madame Pamita said...

This picture makes me really gleeful! Naughty boy!

Jon said...

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