Monday, November 10, 2008

You're wondering now.

I have a bit of an Obama hangover. I woke up yesterday thinking, "He's just a politician. It doesn't mean a thing." I suppose it was inevitable that I would have some kind of backlash after the rush of emotions I felt on election night. The future, to quote rockstars like an old hippy, is unwritten. I did almost nothing today. Played the ukulele a bit.

That's a Macafierri Islander he's playing: a plastic ukulele from the '60's. They cost less than $10 back then. Now they're selling for $150 in good condition. Goes to show you can do a lot with a little. Or something.

Oh and since I live in California- Prop 8 should not have passed. It is never right to let the majority decide the rights of a minority. At best, that's privilege extended.

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ib said...

It's a bag of contradictions, all right.

For one, I am not hugely optimistic that Obama will make any major difference - as a force for good - on the global stage.

For Afro-Americans, his being returned as president-elect by such a unassailable margin is a huge step forward. That alone - and the fact that the Republicans are in such disarray - is cause to celebrate.

Nice to hear that original Ska version again, Jon. I only have Jerry Dammers and The Specials' cover here in the house.

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