Friday, November 21, 2008

The Greatest Gus and Fin video ever

Gus and Fin perform 'Grow Fins' by Captain Beefheart, on melodica. I was disappointed that they did not include some ukulele, because I think the world is ready for ukulele Beefheart. Offering a dance interpretation of their melodica interpretation is Sheree, performing her Tiger Dance. Seriously, why aren't these guys big stars? Because I'd resent them and get all snotty about it if they were big stars. They are big stars to me.

Here they are with the greatest ukulele instructional video ever.

Gus and Fin, otherwise known as GUGUG are from Glasgow, in Scotland, which is the same country that our friend Ib from Siblingshot lives in. Ib is a really talented guy; been sounding a bit down lately. Maybe he needs to look these guys up and take some ukulele lessons.

Why am I watching videos and posting them here? Because Mike Whybark is coming here with his wife, tomorrow. I'm supposed to be scrubbing the bathroom and putting all of the glasses in those little plastic wrappers, not to mention the paper strip sealing off the toilet.


Toxic Reverend said...
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Toxic Reverend said...

Pilobolus Dance Theatre
One of the best dance videos I have ever seen is posted at :>

ib said...

Great stuff.

Kim DiJ said...

Hey Jon; I am here - like pulling teeth. Yeah I am blogging too ... I have some house repairs to do too.

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