Friday, November 21, 2008

More about Madame Pamita

This Saturday!
The Grand Annex

Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys
Madame Pamita, the World's Foremost Euphonious Prognosticator

Here's the Former!

Here's the Latter!

A Splendid Orchestra
is in town, but has not been engaged
A Den of Ferocious Wild Beasts
Will be on exhibition across town at the Los Angeles Zoological Gardens
Magnificent Fireworks
Were in contemplation for this ocassion, but the idea has been abandoned
A Grand Torchlight Procession
May be expected; in fact, the public are privileged to expect whatever they please.

The Trouble to Begin at Eight O'clock!

Do not fail to attend!

Saturday, November the 22nd
At 8:00 PM

The Grand Annex
434 W. 6th St
San Pedro, California 90731

All Ages
$15 Pre-Sale

Janet Klein takes you back to a gentler time with her quirky, clever and sweet style of entertainment. Her enchanting voice, expert ukulele playing, and interpretative take on songs from the 1910’s, 20’s and 30’s immediately draws you in. Her reverence for a bygone era and her uncanny ability to make it come alive is a rare treat for the sentimentalist in all of us.

Madame Pamita takes you back to a time when people were shot in bars over Stetson hats and all manner of illicit substances were available over the counter in pharmacies... in children's remedies! Ah! The good old days! Musical Mayhem and Mystical Marvels! Fortune Telling, Mirth and Music from the 1800s through the 1920s on a bizarre amalgam of curious antique instruments.

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