Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another sucky night

People romanticize small town Saturday nights. This looks like another sucky night at the Legion Hall to me. I'll bet that drummer couldn't keep time on a Rolex. The two old guys are scowling because they're afraid somebody might be having a good time. Still, this is my favorite picture lately, because those dancers are sure making the best of it. Stolen from Big Rock Candy Mountain.
Life Is Grand - Camper Van Beethoven


ib said...

Great photograph.

These old fuckers really do look like they'd rather be at a lynching party, or picking up the leftovers from a gang-bang.

Nice of you too remind me, too, of how much I like Camper Van Beethoven.

"Life Is Grand"; "Then Play On".

I am not much of a party animal at the best of times, and the best I've encountered from a Halloween Ball was that reading by Bukowski in Detroit, Oct. 31st, 1974 I posted earlier in the week. I could do without the audience participation, mind you.

Fuck. I just realised; I AM one of those old scowling bastards.

Jon said...

Camper is something of a local band. The play here about once a year, and I have been to see them somewhat recently; like five years ago. Yeah, I'm a party animal alright. No holding me back. I try not to look too cranky about the whole goddam thing.

ib said...

I bought their first two albums on CD sometime in the late 80's - I liked "Sad Lovers' Waltz". "Key Lime Pie" was a great album. "Sweethearts" and "All Her Favourite Fruit".

Clearly, I am a huge fan of 'feel-good' tunes.

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